WebRTC IP Leakage

Finding IP addresses returned ONLY from WebRTC. I will try to bypass naive WebRTC blocking by creating an iframe. For ice server, I am going to use "stun:stun.services.mozilla.com". If your browser supports WebRTC protocol and it is not being blocked by an extension, you will get a list of private and public addresses that is leaked by connecting to this WebRTC server.

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WebRTC Media Device Info Leakage

Modern browsers have an object called navigator.mediaDevices. This object has a method called "enumerateDevices" which is a promise function. It resolves all the possible devices connected to your operating system that can be used by WebRTC protocol. The problem is that each device has a unique ID and this ID can be used to track users. The "WebRTC Protect" extension prevents the access to the devices list by default when the extension is enabled.

kind deviceId groupId

To protect IP leakage from WebRTC, it is recommend to use "WebRTC Protect" extension. You can get it from Chrome WebStore and Opera add-ons and Firefox add-ons.

To check all IP addresses, use http://tools.add0n.com/what-is-my-ip.php online tool.